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Tulsa, 23/09

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Quite possible the greatest tweet ever written. 

Zayn Malik Appreciation Week

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Crowned Prince Zayn - (x)


I have no plans on writing a thinkpiece on Chanel’s feminist protest at the show because I already wrote the best summary of it ever anyway. And wrote about their Dallas show last winter. 

1. ”Louis untied Liam’s shoelace during Little Things and Harry retied it”

2. ”At one point, Louis went up the stairs to sit in his usual spot, but Liam stopped him and asked him to go get him a towel. Louis was like, are you kidding me? And then he went and got him a towel. I feel like this defines a great deal of their relationship” (28.9.14)


MTV knows me so well.

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heforshe: we don’t want men to dominate women’s voices.

*uploads video where a large group of men give their opinions on the oppression of women without a single woman involved in the discussion*

heforshe: we want people to see gender as a spectrum and not a binary

*no mention or acknowledgement of the existence of trans people*

heforshe: we want people to see gender as a spectrum and not a binary

*is called heforshe*